Portraits for Actors, Business and Personal Management

Elevate your brand with a customized personal branding portrait session.  Let me create stunning  images to use to promote you and your business on your website, social media, and other print materials. Editorial style portraits that honestly represent your brand and message. Connect with your ideal client and make that first impression count with honest, modern, professional portraits.

I want you to stop saying “I never look good in photos” this will be a rewarding, confidence building experience I promise !!!


One outfit. One retouched image. JPEG files (usually around 50 images)


(optional light H+MU for $125.00 extra)


Two outfits. Two retouched images. JPEG files (usually 75 images)


(optional light H+MU for $175.00 extra)


Three outfits. Three retouched images. RAW files (minimum 100)


(optional H+MU for $225.00 extra)

**JPEG files will be provided promptly (usually next day). Once you have selected your images, they will be edited by me within one week (7 days).

Any additional images, outside of those allocated within your selected package, will break down as such:

General RETOUCHING (color correction, stray hair, etc.): $50.00/image Full photo EDITING (skin editing, lighting effects, etc.): $120.00/hourly


A 50% deposit is required before every session (credited to the final fee). The remaining balance is due at the end of every session. Cancelling within three days (72 hours) of your session forfeits the deposit. Rescheduling is appropriate within one week (7 days) of your session. Your deposit will be transferred towards your new session as long as it is within one month (30 days) of your original session. After thirty days the session will be considered cancelled, forfeiting your deposit.

Tardiness is not recommended. There is no “sliding scale”. If you book 60 minutes and you’re 30 minutes late: you get 30 minutes.

No-shows are a no-brainer. Deposit’s ours.


In the event of a technical problem, or if your images somehow become irretrievable, you will be refunded 100%. We are objective, not subjective. We ask only the same from you. You will always be in-frame and lit properly. It’s not our fault if you don’t book work.



Your eyes. Your face. Your presence. That’s it. Our job is to limit any distractions that a potential viewer (eg. a casting director or potential employer) may be dissuaded by when looking at your headshot. Here’s how we do that:

• Wear a color that compliments your eyes.

• T-shirts work best. Round or V-neck. Plain colors (white, black, grey, etc...)

• No patterns, sleeveless, prints, neons, sequins, glitter, etc...

• Don’t accessorize (no necklaces, pins, earrings, etc...)

• Jackets are fine. Well-treated leather, denim and sport coats photograph best.

• Well fitting or tailored clothing is best. Nothing baggy, wrinkled, ripped or stained

• 9/10 we won’t see your pants. If you think we might: plain denim (unripped) or pants.

• Drink lots of water the week of your session.

• Get a good nights rest before your session.

• If you are a drinker or smoker, understand both will effect your skin in the photographs.

• Consult with your representatives (agents, managers, etc.) prior to your session and

communicate to us what they suggest for you. This is supremely helpful.

• For corporate shots, please bring a few button-down and tie options. Freshly pressed.

• Remove any unwanted facial hair prior to your session.

• Please bring your own shaving kit if you will need to shave during your session.

• If you color your hair please make sure your roots are not visible. They’re hell to edit.

• Uni-brows are not recommended.

• Hair and make-up (H+MU) is recommended. Either prior to you session or from us.