We need 2.5 hours for the bridal getting ready photos if you are having a first look or 2 hours if not. To calculate a photo start time, start from the time guests arrive and count backwards adding any driving time between your getting ready venue and the ceremony venue. We'll need to be there when guests arrive, so as soon as you have your dress on, we'll be out the door!  If you're unsure, please give me a shout we can calculate what works best!
What time will you be starting? Please ask MUA/Hair to complete bride prior to attendants so we may be photographing her whilst others are completed. Address of bridal preparations? Also a name and telephone number of alternate contact person with bride:
What time will they be starting and please provide the address of groom's preparations?
When will guests start arriving at the ceremony venue? What time will your ceremony start and how long will it last?
Use this as a guideline. Add names and list any important photos. If you have selected a First Look and would prefer these photo's captured before the ceremony please let me know.  To have more time for your couple's session we suggest limiting the groups as much as possible. This is usually about twenty minutes or so. And ... if you have a relative who would love to turn your wedding into a family reunion I am happy to help with direction just give me a heads up ;)   We recommend selecting two loud and friendly people to help round up the troops. The first shot will be EVERYONE! Work from big groups to small groups...
After your group photos and a little relax we can start your couple's session. Contrary to what it sounds, this can be a relaxing time for the two of you after the busy day. I always find it easier to be with the couple alone during this time so we can all focus on getting to the party on time and I can create the "magic" as swiftly as possible. This is 20-30 minutes and we want to get you back to your guests :)
Are there any surprises you are planning for your guests for the ceremony/reception we should be aware of (getaway car, send off, gospel choir, sparklers, fireworks, etc) Are there any divorced/separated parents or other family situations we should know about? We do our best to capture all the little details of the day, but are there any specific details you want to make sure we are aware of? Is there anything else that you feel we should know for your big day?
Ideally, we need 45 minutes between the end of ceremony and sitting down for dinner to do any group shots and the couple's photos as well as some time for the two of you to relax and enjoy some time with your guests. We'll get photos of all of your table decor, speeches, impromptu moments, guests interacting but we'll stop shooting during courses to let guests relax and focus on enjoying their meal. What time will your guests sit down for dinner? Have you remembered to book us a meal if working over dinner time? Tina eats fish, chicken & veggies (no red meat). If you have engaged services of other team (2nd photographers, videographers) they eat everything. Will there be a cake cutting? Will there be speeches and if so, how many and at which times? What time is your first dance?
I may need coordinate with or credit them on websites of blogs and would really appreciate it if you could add company name, websites (and/or email)  Florist: Cake/Dessert: DJ/Band: Hair & Make-up: Catering: Wedding dress: Bridesmaids dresses Bride's Shoes Jewelry/Rings: Groom's suit and shoes: Invitations and programs: Wedding planner (if applicable):

I am so excited and honored to be choosen as your wedding photographer.  Thank you for taking the time to complete all these questions.  We are really looking forward to your wedding day and ensuring it really is YOUR.BEST.DAY.EVER !!!!!!